Taveuni – Fiji Island

Many years ago, during a trip to Oceania, we arrived at Taveuni – Fiji Island. The Fiji Islands have been a great discovery for us. By traveling alone we were able to discover solitary and uncontaminated places of indescribable beauty.

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Laguna Colorada – Bolivia

The Laguna Colorada is located in the department of Potosì, in Bolivia, within the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve of Andean fauna. The whole area is magnificent and alternates plateaus and plains between 4200 meters and almost 6000 meters of the majestic Licancabur volcano. The Laguna Colorada is a large salt lake at high altitude…

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Uros – Lake Titicaca – Peru

From the town of Puno, on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, you can reach by boat the floating islands of the Uros, a pre-Inca population that invented a new land on the lake to protect themselves from attacks on the mainland. The islands are built with layers of a type of cane that grows on the banks of the Titicaca, the totora, and are anchored at the bottom of the lake …

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Isla del Sol – Lake Titicaca – Bolivia

La Isla del Sol is located in the Bolivian part of Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is almost as big as a sea at more than 8,000 square km, and is the highest navigable lake in the world (3,800 meters above sea level). La Isla del Sol is an enchanting and remote place that can be covered on foot in an easy trek within a day.

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Rice fields – Flores – Indonesia

A photo taken during a trek on the island of Flores in Indonesia. The island of Flores is one of the most eastern islands of the Indonesian archipelago and much less frequented by tourism than other islands. Rice plantations are widespread and still all hand-grown, mainly by women.

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Who is Aguaplano?

Howdy! We are Valeria & Sigfrido, we have been backpacking together for almost 20 years visiting more than 65 Countries.

Our blog has been around for more than ten years now. We want to help people discover new destinations, and give infos, suggestions, tips and tricks about independent travel. We speak Italian, English, Spanish and French. Follow us!