Rice fields – Flores – Indonesia

A photo taken during a trek on the island of Flores in Indonesia. The island of Flores is one of the most eastern islands of the Indonesian archipelago and much less frequented by tourism than other islands. Rice plantations are widespread and still all hand-grown, mainly by women.

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Komodo dragons – Indonesia

A special meeting with the Komodo dragons in Indonesia many years ago. When we were there, in 2001, it was still all very wild and we had to look for a boat on the Labuanbajo harbor for a few days tour. Today the Komodo archipelago is one of the most touristic and organized areas of Indonesia. We hope eco-sustainable tourism will prevail…

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Who is Aguaplano?

Howdy! We are Valeria & Sigfrido, we have been backpacking together for almost 20 years visiting more than 65 Countries.

Our blog has been around for more than ten years now. We want to help people discover new destinations, and give infos, suggestions, tips and tricks about independent travel. We speak Italian, English, Spanish and French. Follow us!