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Aguaplano is not a travel agent, more likely an invitation to travel with us and to help you travel as well!

Aguaplano wants to  help you discover old and new paths, and give you infos, suggestions, tipis and tricks about independent travel. All our experiences of almost 20 years of backpacking are at your service, and if something is missing we will add it! 

We’d like to tell you about our trips with words and pictures, and we will be glad if you’d like to share yours too, so that we could build an exchange of experience between us : people who think that the World is there to be known, walked, experienced, seen and told.

Aguaplano is always curious: he travels around the world in his shoes, and with the Internet when he’s home…

With us you can dream about other’s adventures but most of all take inspiration from them for your future trips. We will tell you everything we learned in all these years of wandering on this dear planet.

Write to us, contact us, ask us, share!

We are here.

Stay Tuned!

 Where we’ve been

We have visited 60 out of 217 countries. That is 27.65%.

Aguaplano is:

Sigfrido Maina – Coding and Photographs

Valeria Negro – Text and Perseverance

Thanks to

Chloe Heffernan – Some english translations

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…and also to:

IlMaasai Expeditions, Hidden Garden, Marcos Filardi, Rolf Deinzer, Melchi, la banda di Barcellona, tutti i taxisti, Sunday Kijug, Bryceson, Loth, Pray, Tio Antonio, Andry, Moussa, Evariste, Tony, Omeobonbon, Gabi, Pilar… Biers, Kava, Arak and the likes, sunrises and sunsets , bus and trains, paths and roads,  all the owners of guesthouses, shaks, bed and breakfast, garages, hotels, bure, beach fales encountered along the road for care and inspiration.