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Toni el suizo

Toni Rüttimann, (Pontresina, 21 August 1967) is a Swiss bridge builder who works in Southeast Asia and in Latin America, where he is known as Toni el Suizo (Toni the Swiss). Toni Rüttimann works independently alongside communities in need, using recycled materials and charging no fees. Companies contribute by donating their used material and local governments concede permits and help with transportation in recognition of the fact that the main effort is made by the population. No one asks for anything in return and the bridge belongs to the population who built it. The bridges are for use of pedestrians, pack animals, motorcycles, two-wheel-tractors – but not for cars. In...

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Bolivia: Climate Change Conference to kick off in April, 2010

During four days from April 19 to 22 in Cochabamba, Bolivia, intellectuals, political and showbiz personalities will join associations and local representatives in a People World Conference about climate changes and “Mother Earth” rights. The Conference purpose is to discuss alternative solutions to the climate emergency, and to give voice and strenght to the poor populations around the world which are often reduced to be the sole victims of the catastrophic consequences of climate changes. Among the many hosts and speakers at the conference will be sociologist Naomi Klein, linguist Noam Chomsky , actors Danny Glover, Susan Sarandon, actor...

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Aguaplano with Informatics Without Borders

Informatics without borders is a great project started out in Padova, Italy in 2005 which aims at bridging the digital divide. The primary goal of this Non Profit Organization is to use technologies and IT knowledge  to effectively and directly help people in difficult and neglected situations, given the fact that Information Technology is an essential pre-requisite to the economic and social development. Informatics Without Borders is carrying projects in emerging countries as well as in Italy (hospitals, prisons, and schools) which provide basic IT courses for children and adults, small Information Systems for some peculiar reality such as...

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Fujimori 25-year sentence upheld by Peru Supreme Court

From BBC News: “Peru’s Supreme Court has upheld a 25-year jail sentence imposed on former President Alberto Fujimori. The term was handed down last April for ordering the security forces to carry out killings and kidnappings. Fujimori, who led Peru from 1990 to 2000, returned from exile in late 2007 to face his accusers. It was the first time a democratically elected Latin American leader was found guilty of human rights abuses in his own country. Fujimori had denied overseeing a death squad as part of a “dirty war” against suspected Maoist Shining Path guerrillas in the early 1990s....

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