In the distant 2002 we had the privilege and the courage to face the “acrobatic” flight to fly over the mysterious lines of Nazca, the mysterious geoglyphs traced between 300 BC. and 500 A.D. from the Nasca civilization that inhabited this arid Peruvian plateau.

If you overcome the fear of flying, this look from above is one of the most incredible experiences to include in your travel notebook.

Seen from above, the geoglyphs, which from the ground are simple traces obtained by removing the surface stones and discovering the lighter rubble below, become incredible designs and with perfect geometric proportions. You can see over 800 drawings such as the heron, the spider, the lizard, the dog, the condor, the hummingbird, the whale, the hands, the monkey, the tree, the spiral …

One of the figures seems more mysterious than the others and is called the astronaut because the human figure seems to wear a space helmet.

The German archaeologist Maria Reiche has made a decisive contribution to the study of the Nasca lines, studying them for many years and assuming a meaning linked to astronomy and the calendar. The theories on their meaning are however many and none certain but their charm, more than in the real sense, is and remains mainly for their beauty, geometric precision and mystery.

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