Taveuni - Fiji Island

The Lavena Coastal Walk is a beautiful, not very demanding trek of about five kilometers on the island of – Taveuni – Fiji Island. We did it back in 2003 but it still seems today preserved in its naturalness. The path, inside the Bouma National Heritage Park, begins just outside the village of Lavena along the coast and for the first part follows the line between the beach and the forest. The peculiarity of this first part of the journey is the alternation between white sand beaches and black lava sand beaches that makes the landscape extremely fascinating. We continue penetrating inside the dense rainforest, among a thousand shades of green, giant cobwebs, wet and shadow.

The goal at the end of the trek is the small but beautiful Wainibau waterfall: its main peculiarity is that in order to reach it you have to make the last stretch swimming in the stream. The water is naturally cold but the experience is truly unforgettable and, once you reach the waterfall, you find yourself in an incredible place, immersed in water under the fresh jet of the waterfall and surrounded by the rainforest. Not to be missed!

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