August 24-27, 2017

The next step in our trip take us to the north coast of Colombia. We reached the town of Riohacha, which is tha base to get ready to go to the northernmost point in South America: the Guajira Peninsula. It is a harsh, semi-desertic land, a natural reserve home of one of the mosta ancient native communities. The Wayuu or (Wayu, Wayúu, Guajiro, Wahiro).

The stop in Riohacha, where Sigfrido celebrates his birthday, it’s like an infernal sauna. We rarely found in all of our trips such a hot and humid climate. Lucky for us, the small, beaten up “hotel” where we are staying has air-con, at least.

The trip to this wonderful and tormented land is simply gorgeous : salt flats, deserts, dunes, crystal clear waters, incontaminated beaches, unbelievable dark nights and starry skies. Just wonderful!

At one point we reach the northernmost point in South America: the Punta Gallinas lighthouse, where people made thousands of piles of stones. The wind is strong and the landscape just breathtaking.

We move around by 4×4 and sleep in “chinchorros”  (big hammocks). Lucky for us the other people in the grou of 7 are very interesting persons.

Two of them are a young couple from  Switzerland – him – and the US – her – who have been travelling for months in all South America : Check out their blog: Welcome to Our World!

During this wonderful adventure we have climbed dunes, we swam in front of fantastic beaches reached foot battling the harsh winds under an implacable sun, we slept under the stars  waking up the next day with curioparrots on our shoulders! Unforgettable!