August 30 – September 2, 2017 – The border between Coombia and Panama.

We continue our trip going from Cartagena to Necoclì, stayng on the Caribbean Coast. We must stay there at least one night to catch a boat to Capurganà the next morning, which is the first stage of the 5 days tour which will bring us from Colombia to panama by sea.

As always it’s a long, long way to go (what seems a short ride always turn into a 4 or 5 hours minimum here!)


We get to Necoclì to stay the night. This little town is nothing fancy but nice and relaxed, alive and true (there are almost no tourist here).

We spend the afternoon wandering trougu its streets, some cervezas Imperial on the beach, a nice dinner and a long night sleep prepare us for the next day!

We take our backpacks the next morning heading to the harbour from where the boat to Capurgana set sail. Capurganà is the last town before the border, so the police and their drug dogs check every backpack, every bag. Unfortunately my packpack attracts the attention of a dog (probably he smells all the other dogs on it – who knows?) hihi 🙂 Anyway they finally let us go and so we board.

After a two hours crossing (the sea is calm, at least – whew) we get to Capurgana, a nice small village alive with tourists and fishermen. We will meet our San Blas Adventure group to continue our trip to the island, and finally to Panama City.